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Seven Sacred Centers (complete album) Please preview individual tracks below
An exclusive collection of chakra music of unsurpassed creative depth and production quality.
These soothing tracks will awaken, purify and enliven the energy centers of your body, and they are perfect for
guided chakra meditations. Seven Sacred Centers includes 7 tracks of royalty free chakra music, which you may purchase individually or as a complete album.
To hear audio previews, or to purchase individual tracks, please browse the track listings below...

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Total Duration: 7 tracks, 60:23 min. Price $120

Earth's Embrace   Base Chakra Preview Earths Embrace
Song composed in the key of C
Tribal percussion, ethnic instruments and deep, warm tones are blended together in this soulful composition that is both grounding and soothing at the same time. This gentle music will activate the base chakra, while preparing the physical body for deep relaxation.


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Duration: 8:48 min. Price $45

The Joy Of Creation   Sacral Chakra   Preview The Joy Of Creation
Song composed in the key of D
As we move up from the base chakra, the music of the sacral chakra becomes more emotional and more fluid. This composition awakens and purifies the sacral chakra while engendering feelings of openness, warmth and connectedness towards others.

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Duration: 8:13 min. Price $45

Shine   Solar Plexus Chakra Preview Shine
Song composed in the key of E
The music of the solar plexus chakra has a brightness to it that invokes images of sunshine and inner radiance. You will notice that the music is very calm, but it is also very "alive" and energizing. This empowering composition is wonderful for awakening and cleansing the solar plexus chakra.

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Duration: 8:45 min. Price $45

Divine Love   Heart Chakra   Preview Divine Love
Song composed in the key of F
I like to think that this heart chakra meditation music speaks for itself. This is music of love and compassion, pure and simple.

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Duration: 7:55 min. Price $45

The Free Air   Throat Chakra   Preview The Free Air
Song composed in the key of G
Visualize yourself drifting across a clear blue sky, floating like a cloud on the breeze. You are breathing cool, sparkling air deep into your lungs. These are the images that come into my mind when I listen to this throat chakra music. Openness, freedom of self expression and lightness of being are encouraged by this tranquil composition.

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Duration: 9:29 min. Price $45

Deepest Mind   Third Eye Chakra   Preview Deepest Mind
Song composed in the key of A
This mystical soundscape does not adhere to any of the “rules” that might govern traditional music composition. Intentionally unstructured – this dreamy, meditative music opens the third eye chakra and frees the listener to explore their imagination, their intuition and the deeper aspects of their mind.


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Duration: 8:45 min. Price $45

The Ascension   Crown Chakra   Preview The Ascension
Song composed in the key of B
Heavenly and sweet, the music of the crown chakra opens one up to the timeless, limitless nature of pure awareness. As the music unfolds, melodic bells gradually give way to a wash of celestial choirs and shimmering chimes that uplift and inspire the listener to an elevated state of consciousness.


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Duration: 8:00 min. Price $45


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