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  Hypnotica   Pure, Deep, Mesmerizing, Zen Preview Hypnotica

Hypnotica album cover There is no "fat" in this music. No excess. Just the pure essentials...swirling white noise, a hypnotic drone and a gentle wandering melody that was created with a bowed glass instrument. This is seriously Zen, minimalistic music. Uncomplicated and very atmospheric, Hypnotica provides a consistent melodic ambiance that encourages the mind to relax and become still. 

This music is also available with binaural beats

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As I sit to type my description of this music, my fingers primed for a bout of the most eloquent and dignified commentary I can muster, I suddenly realize that I am unable to accurately relate my thoughts to you without using the word "drool".

Not quite the dignified start I had in mind.

Why must the word 'drool' play such a prominent role in my commentary you ask? Well truth be told (and it must) whenever I listen to Hypnotica, I seem to wake up next to a small puddle of it.  

And in case you think I’m joking, no, I really have fallen asleep listening to this music on the floor of my recording studio, more than once. Hypnotica gets me every time. It just knocks me out. And it seems I’m not the only one. I’ve received many emails from professional hypnotherapists and meditation enthusiasts who have expressed their delight (and in some cases, astonishment) at how mind-numbingly relaxing this music can be.

My advice is this. Don’t do anything that requires concentration while listening to Hypnotica. Get yourself nice and comfy and listen at a very quiet volume with your eyes closed…preferably while no one is watching.

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