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Tips for professionals who wish to create high quality audio productions
Audio Technology, Sound Recording & Production Techniques

Recording your voiceover - professional studio or D.I.Y ?
So you want to create an audio / video production with a voiceover? This article will provides essential advice on the pros and cons of recording at a professional studio and the pros and cons of recording at home with your own equipment.

Recording your own audio productions - what you'll need.
A concise summary of the equipment you will need to create an audio production that consists of a voiceover blended with music.

Choosing a microphone
Specific advice for people wishing to purchase a microphone for voiceover recordings.

Using a microphone correctly – essential voiceover techniques
Even the best microphones in the world will yield poor quality recordings unless they are used properly.

CD versus MP3 - the great debate
With CD sales on the decline and digital downloads on the rise, which format should you release your audio production in? 

Protecting Your Copyright– what you need to know
The real facts about copyright law, with tips on how to protect your work from infringement.


Other Articles of Interest

How to resolve YouTube copyright notifications
If you use your music to create a YouTube video, then at some point you’ll probably receive a “Copyright Notice” from YouTube. These notifications are very common and can be unnerving as they give the impression that the music you used in your video is a breach of copyright law. This article will put your mind at rest, explain why these copyright notifications appear, and how to deal with them quickly.

How to write a guided meditation script
Check out this article for some great advice (opens another website).

What is brainwave entrainment?
A concise explanation of how music can bring about desirable changes in brainwave activity, so as to induce a state of meditation and deep relaxation.

What is Psychoacoustics and what does it have to do with music for deep relaxation?
can have such a profound effect on us, so how can we use this to our advantage? What can the study of psychoacoustics teach us about creating music that encourages states of deep relaxation?

The Oster Curve
What on earth is the Oster Curve and why is it important to anyone who uses binaural beats for brainwave entrainment?

White Noise Music
An exploration of white noise. What is it and how it can be used for therapeutic and relaxation purposes?

Royalty Free Binaural Beats
An explanation of what binaural beats are and how they are used to enhance meditation, hypnosis and relaxation.

Royalty Free Hypnosis Music vs Royalty Free Meditation Music
What's the difference between royalty free hypnosis music and royalty free meditation music? Is there any difference?