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Nature Sound Recording Techniques
A little insight into our recording techniques and commitment to sound quality.

All our nature sounds are captured as 24 bit audio using top quality microphones and hi-resolution digital recording equipment. These recordings are sweetened up a little using some clever studio mastering techniques before we give them a pat on the head, a kiss on the cheek, and then present them to you as CD quality (16 bit/441. kHz) audio. We tend to use microphone techniques that closely simulate the way the human ear perceives sound. This results in extremely natural, true-to-life soundscapes with great stereo imaging. Our goal is to put you "on scene" so to speak.

What we DON’T do is use portable handheld recording devices with built in microphones to record nature sounds. Unfortunately, these devices are extremely common and are often used by nature sound enthusiasts. As a result, the internet is choc-full of sub-standard nature sounds that were recorded using equipment like this. We consider it a matter of pride and a bit of a mission to put the quality back into nature sound recording.