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Royalty Free Music - Terms of Use 

We know that you probably don't want to read a long-winded legal
document, so here are our music license terms in plain English:

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terms in printable PDF format

1. Permitted Uses:
Having purchased background music from Royalty Free Meditation, you may use the music in the following ways:

Create spoken word recordings for CD, MP3 or audiobooks and use the music as a backing track.
Examples: Audio recordings of guided meditations, hypnosis, affirmations, educational material.
Play the music during live consultations with clients.
Examples: Hypnotherapy, meditation/relaxation classes, yoga classes, massage therapy, reiki or any other healing practice.
Use the music in the background of a video, film, media project or website.
Examples: DVD and film productions, television programs, YouTube or other online video, corporate presentations, audiovisual tutorials, website theme music.
Play the music at a commercial venue or public performance.
Examples: Background music in spas, wellness centers, hotels, restaurants, on-hold music, theatrical performances. 
Use the music in the background of personalized recordings.
You may use the music repeatedly to create "single copy" personalized/custom CD’s or MP3's on a case by case basis for your clients. Hypnotherapists commonly use our music in this way. Please note that audio productions such as these cannot not be duplicated, distributed or sold by your client. Only you, the purchaser, have the right to create and distribute audio productions that incorporate the music.
Software applications
You may use the music in the background of any software application for any device, provided that the application's sole purpose is not to playback the music. 

2. Prohibited Uses

Distributing the music by itself
Unless authorized in writing, you cannot distribute the music by itself (either for free or for profit) or release the music under a different name. In other words, you may only use the music as a backing track in your own unique production,  which is audibly or visually different to the original music. For example, a video or an audio production that includes a voiceover. This particular restriction also prohibits the use of our music to create subliminal recordings in which your voice is inaudible.

Creating derivative works
You cannot alter the music slightly by adding additional instrumentation, musical sounds or brainwave entrainment frequencies or nature sounds and then claim that the music is yours. The distribution of derivative works (either for free or for profit) is strictly prohibited.

Sub-Licensing the music
You cannot sub-license the music to any third party, nor can you sell the music as part of a production music library, as stock music, royalty free music or a music sample library.

Other restrictions may apply
Refer to section 11 for more information.

Not sure if your intended use of the music is permitted?
Feel free to contact us for advice. We'd be happy to clear up any questions you might have.

3. License Fees
Once your initial payment is received you will not have to pay any ongoing fees of any type. No matter how big your project is, your first payment will be your last payment when you download background music from Royalty Free Meditation

4. Distribution, Territory & Locations
If you create an unique audio/video production with our music, you may distribute an unlimited number of copies of that product at any price you choose, in as many formats as you like, anywhere in the world. You may also play our music in on-hold systems, waiting rooms and retail locations with a limit of 1 physical location per license.

5. Duration
This license has no expiry date. Provided that your payment is received in full, you can continue to use the music indefinitely. 

6. Editing the Music

You can edit our music if necessary, by looping it, cutting it, applying fade ins and outs.

7. Modifying the Music
You may nature sounds and/or foley to the music, however you may not add additional musical instrumentation or brainwave entrainment frequencies to the music.

8. Transporting the Music
You may burn a CD or transfer the music to a portable storage device for the purposes of transport and live performance.
Please take care: You must not duplicate or pass our royalty free music on to any persons other than those who are to use the music for the sole purpose of working on your projects under these license terms. Please take all reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of the music.

9. Providing a Credit
All the music on this website was created by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and we ask that you credit him properly except when it is technically unfeasible to do so. Crediting with an active link to our website is optional, but very much appreciated. Here are some examples of appropriately worded credits:

CD or DVD productions.
Please add the following to your disk or to the printed documentation associated with your CD or DVD:
"Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke". Licensed by
"(Title of Music) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke". Licensed by

Digital audio/video productions
If you distribute an audio or video production through your website please add the following credit to your website:
"Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke". Licensed by
"(Title of Music) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke". Licensed by

Please also ensure that the meta tags of any mp3 audio you create include the tag for the composer: Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

TV & film productions
Please add the following to your credits:
(Title of Music) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by

YouTube Music Videos
If you use the music to create and monetize a YouTube music video, you must provide a credit that includes an active link to Christopher Lloyd Clarke's website.

a. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke., or
b. (Title of Music) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

If you are using our music in a format that cannot be credited, for example, as telephone on-hold music or in a smart-phone app, then we completely understand that it is not practical for you to provide a credit.

The Legal Bits

10. Copyright & Ownership
This website is owned and operated by Spire Audio, a private company wholly owned by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Any music downloaded by you from this Site is licensed to you by Spire Audio and it's copyright is protected by Australian copyright law and international treaty provisions. Except for your limited right to use the music, Spire Audio shall have and shall retain the entire right, title and interest in and to all intellectual property rights arising from or relating to the music and all copies thereof. You shall not use our trademarks, logos, music samples or images without prior written consent.

11. Other Restrictions
You cannot, without obtaining the prior written consent of Spire Audio:
a. Use the title of the music as the title of any production that incorporates the music;
b. Include the music in an electronic template intended to be reproduced by third parties including, without limitation, any product or service that enables an end user to create soundtracks, in a system that resells products that includes the music, or in any "build-it-yourself" media tools;
c. Use or display the music on websites or in any other medium designed to induce or involving the sale, license or other distribution of "on demand" products, including, without limitation, electronic greeting cards, voicemail greetings, ring tones, multi-media albums or presentations, or similar items;
d. Make the music available in any medium or manner intended to allow a third party to download, extract or access the music as a standalone file.
e. Use the music in a software application that's sole purpose is to play music for the user. 

12. Unauthorized Use & Termination
Any use of the music in a manner not expressly authorized by these terms of use (including, without limitation, use of the music by more than one (1) user without purchase of additional licenses) constitutes copyright infringement, entitling Spire Audio to exercise all rights and remedies available to it under copyright laws around the world. Spire Audio shall have the right to terminate your right to use the music immediately upon your breach of these terms of use. Upon termination, you shall cease using the music and shall delete or destroy all copies of the music. Termination of your rights shall not limit Spire Audio from pursuing any other remedies available to it, including, but not limited to, injunctive relief, nor shall termination relieve you of your obligations to pay Spire Audio any applicable license fees. You shall be responsible for any damages resulting from any such copyright infringement, including any claims by a third party.

13. Warranty & Limitation of Liability
Spire Audio warrants that: (i) the music will be free from defects for thirty (30) days from delivery (your sole and exclusive remedy for a breach of this warranty being the replacement of the music); (ii) it has all necessary rights and authority to grant the rights outlined in these terms of use; and (iii) your use of the music in accordance with these terms of use in the form delivered by Spire Audio (i.e., excluding any modifications made by you), will not infringe on any copyright, moral right, trademark or other intellectual property rights.

Spire Audio does not make any other warranties, express or implied, regarding the music or its delivery systems, including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Spire Audio shall not be liable to you or any other person or entity for any punitive, special, indirect, consequential, incidental or other similar damages, costs or losses arising out of your use of the music, even if Spire Audio has been advised of the possibility of such damages, costs or losses. Some jurisdictions do not permit the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or liability for certain categories of damages. Without limiting any other term herein, Spire Audio shall not be liable for any damages, costs or losses arising as a result of modifications made to the music by you or the context in which the music is used in your work.

14. Refund Policy
Please choose your music carefully. Like other online businesses that sell downloadable goods, once you have downloaded your purchase we are unable to exchange it or refund your purchase if you change your mind.

15. Indemnification
You shall indemnify, defend and hold The Licensor harmless from any and all claims, losses, costs, damages and expenses resulting from or arising out of: (a) your breach of this Agreement; (b) your unauthorized use of the Intellectual Property; (c) your activities after The Licensor has notified you that such activities may result in the infringement of the Intellectual Property rights of any third party; or (d) any claim that the Intellectual Property or the use thereof infringes upon misappropriates or violates any patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secret rights or other proprietary rights of a third party.

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By downloading music from this website you are legally bound by the terms of this license agreement.