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All the following music is now also available from our new and improved website: Enlightened Audio. Enlightened Audio offers the same music, the same prices and the same license terms, but offers better discounts, multiple currency options and a much better user account system that allows you to download your music as many times as you like.
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Relaxing Background Music for Meditation, Hypnosis & Deep Relaxation
Long play tracks ranging from 15 minutes duration to 60 minutes in duration.

Brainwave Entrainment Music
Soothing music blended with binaural beats.
60 minute tracks with your choice of Alpha, Theta or Delta frequencies.

Chakra Music
Beautiful music for chakra meditations, or for any time you need relaxing background music that will sooth and inspire your listeners. Available as a complete collection, or as separate tracks.
Sacred Places
Enchanting musical performances blended with nature sounds, each one capturing the essence of a different natural environment. Wonderful for relaxation therapies or for media productions that require a combination of tranquil music and the sounds of nature.

Meditation Bells
Meditation aids and royalty free music with a focus on bells, Tibetan singing bowls and other sacred instruments

Ambient Jingles
Short royalty free jingles with an ambient, inspirational and/or spiritual feel.

Inspirational Music
Need something a little more dynamic and inspirational? Our royalty free inspirational music will open your heart and lift you up!

Nature Sounds
High definition recordings of relaxing nature sounds. Perfect for enhancing your next audio production or for bringing some natural sounds into your workplace.