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Occasionally I’m asked, “What is the difference between royalty free hypnosis music and royalty free meditation music?” Perhaps you might have pondered this very question yourself.

Both styles of music have the same ultimate purpose – to help guide the listener into a state of deep relaxation and to open their mind to positive suggestions. In my experience, there is no clear line that differentiates between free meditation and hypnosis music, however I have noticed that there are differences in the preferences of various practitioners. These differences seem to vary according to their area of expertise, and according to the way in which they intend to use the music.

Here is just one (very broad) example.

A spiritual guidance counsellor who is creating a guided meditation for "opening the heart to love" (for example) is perhaps more likely to favour royalty free music that is emotional – maybe a track that contains beautiful choirs and light bell sounds.

In contrast, a hypnotherapist who is looking for traditional royalty free hypnosis music may favour music that is less emotional. If the goal is not to inspire, but to entrance the listener, then music that is less melodic may be preferred. Perhaps music that consists of a soothing wash of drones and might be used, as opposed to a track that contains flutes or bells (some of the sounds that are sometimes associated with “new age” music).

There really are no rules when it comes to selecting music for meditation or hypnosis. Every hypnosis recording is different. Every guided meditation recording is unique. To blur the lines even more, it’s worth remembering that many meditation teachers are also qualified hypnotherapists, and many hypnotherapists/psychologists also teach meditation!

All the royalty free music on this website is referred to as "royalty free meditation music", however it could just as easily be referred to as "royalty free hypnosis music". Our royalty free hypnosis music has also been composed with the principles of psychoacoustics in mind. An understanding of psychoacoustics (the psychology of sound and the ways in which it affects us) allows us to create music that really meets the needs of hypnotherapists - it's the science behind out art.

Our royalty free music will suit the needs of anyone who wishes to create a recording that requires the listener to enter a deep state of relaxation. So many different types of teachers and healers have utilized the royalty free music on this website. Here are just a few of their modalities...

Life coaches, reiki healers, psychologists, flower essence practitioners, crystal healers, sound healers, meditation coaches, NLP practitioners, spiritual counsellors, personal development consultants, herbalists, acupuncturists, aromatherapists, breathworkers, homeopaths, masseurs...and of course, hypnotherapists.

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