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Royalty Free Jingles
Short royalty free jingles with an ambient, inspirational and/or spiritual feel.
Perfect for intros, outtros and transitions within audio productions, videos or live broadcasts.

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All music is supplied as CD quality
WAV files and high quality MP3's.

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All the following music is now also available from our new and improved website: Enlightened Audio. Enlightened Audio offers the same music, the same prices and the same license terms, but offers better discounts, multiple currency options and a much better user account system that allows you to download your music as many times as you like. Click here to visit the equivalent page at Enlightened Audio.

  Illuminati    Preview Illuminati

Dazzling lights sparkle and glitter before your eyes, while angelic choirs slowly swell into a gentle crescendo. A spacious, magical soundscape that is refreshing and soothing all at once.
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Duration: 0:32. Price: $15

  Temple Bloom    Preview Temple Bloom

Take one tibetan singing bowl and one ancient wooden flute. Strap on your backpack and head for the Himalayas. This is your sound. 
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Duration: 0:25. Price: $15

  Light The Way   Preview Light The Way

A gently uplifting composition that heralds its arrival with a bright, noble flute and finishes up nicely with orchestral strings and a concert harp. 
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Duration: 0:17. Price: $15

  Glorious Guitars   Preview Glorious Guitars

Glorious indeed! Notice the way the notes of this particular guitar sustain - having been plucked, they gently swell into a soft, full sound that fills the space with a lovely ambience.
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Duration: 0:18. Price: $15

  Point of Light   Preview Point of Light

Pure, angelic choir sounds rise up to a crescendo that peaks with a single bell chime - a point of light that rings out into the emptiness of space.
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Duration: 0:15. Price: $15

  Tingsha Tingles   Preview Tingsha Tingles

A royalty free "jingle" if ever there was one. These Tibetan tingsha bells do their bright, happy dance and then fade to silence.
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Duration: 0:20. Price: $15

  Bridge To Elysium   Preview Bridge To Elysium

With just a touch of "The Lord of The Rings" about it, The Bridge To Elysium draws upon a full complement of orchestral instruments to make an inspiring, and slightly theatrical statement. 
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Duration: 0:26. Price: $15

  Morning Mantra   Preview Morning Mantra

A sudden clash of tribal drums and finger bells, followed by ethnic flutes, shakers and a chanting monk. Morning Mantra will certainly wake you up, but only to say, "Be at peace". 
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Duration: 0:26. Price: $15

  All Thy Power   Preview All Thy Power

Serene, yet powerful - this gentle music certainly makes its presence felt as it rises to a grand crescendo. Orchestral percussion and magnificent choirs all play their part.
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Duration: 0:28. Price: $15

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