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Working With Loops

This short video will give you some insight on what to expect from our nature sound loops, and how to use them in your own audio productions.

Why are our loops 7 minutes long?
Most royalty free nature sound loops are too short. Imagine working with a loop of some ocean waves that was just 30 seconds long. By the time you loop that out to 5 or 10 minutes, the listener is going to start hearing patterns in the sound that make the whole thing start to sound unnatural.

So we've chosen to make our loops available in a much more generous length of 7 minutes. Loops of this length loops will not sound repetitive or obviously looped. Nice long loops are also great to work with because you can stretch out the overall duration of your nature sounds without having to create dozens of copies of short loops in your project. For example, with just a few clicks on your mouse and you can have four loops and 28 minutes of seamless nature sounds. To sum up our three main goals:

1. Ensure that looped audio will not actually sound looped.
2. Make our loops easy to work with so that you can quickly create a long-playing section of nature sounds.
3. Be a little more generous than the status quo.

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